Are you looking for the best sex toy ever?

One that goes a whole lot further than a vibrator, a dildo, a clit stimulator, anal beads, blow up dolls and more? One that could be great fun for you and your girl, for you and your guy friends and a couple of girls, or for all of you at a wild wild party?

If yes, you’re looking for a Spin On My Cock Table

Which is so much fun, super sexy, quite wild, hysterically funny, shocking to some and the provider of not just sex and fun but the best orgasms? And great blow jobs too!

The Spin on My Cock Table is wild!

You can keep it in your living room, preferably with a little table cloth over it. And only you know what’s underneath! It makes a really sexy secret, until that moment you reveal it. YES, a SPIN ON MY COCK TABLE. The one you’ve been hearing about, where a beautiful hot woman is sitting or kneeling on the table, she may or may not have clothing on and she may or may not be wearing panties! There’s a guy underneath the table, he unzips, he goes inside her and oh yes, the table spins, the woman spins, and everyone has a lot of hugely sexy fun!

You can keep the Spin On My Cock Table wherever you want and bring it out for special occasions! Keep it in your bedroom, or your sex den if you have one. Bring it with you for parties. Use it for a wild stag party or invite your girlfriend and her friends to come and have a little wine, do a few shots and get rid of some clothing! The Spin on My Cock Table offers hours of hysterical fun, great sex, kinky sex, and it’s a much loved sex toy, maybe a bit more than a sex toy, of both men and women!

The fun thing about a Spin On My Cock Table is that it’s something you can use for just you and your girl or for you and a whole bunch of girls. It depends on how wild the night is getting or how wild you want it to be. Take it turns to go under the table. The girls can take it in turns to go on top of the table. It’s a spinning sex toy, one that really puts new meaning into screwing.

The Spin on My Cock Table is great for men and women. Yes, women keep them in their bedrooms too. Or their closet, if it’s big enough! And bring them out when they want to screw and have wild sex. They are wild, they are unusual, they are sexy as anything, they are so much fun and you would be amazed to know where and how a Spin On My Cock table has been used. We know that some bosses keep them tucked way in their office. And as soon as everyone leaves, he calls his secretary. He unbuttons his shirt, she drops her skirt, and Oh Gosh Yes, the fun begins.

Who needs a Spin on My Cock Table?

Anyone who loves sex and loves having parties and being the life and soul of the party. Anyone who wants to screw!